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animal Names: slick

Slick is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Slick? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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We also call her Slicky, she's a funny funny dog. She's the most lazy dog you ever met in your life and I can promise you that!! She gives new meaning to the phrase "Couch Potato"!
She is most definatly daddy's girl tho. But she love's her momma too!! :o)
She will sit on her butt and put her paws up like she's begging, hubby likes to call it "The Prairie Dog" lol, if she reallllllllly reallllllllly wants you to pay attention to you that's what she will do, and so you will see her do that a lot actually!! lol She is so spoiled, all our dogs are!! When I say she's a daddy's dog, let me explain, when he's sitting in his spot on the couch, she MUST be as much in his lap as possible, if he leans forward to pet someone, or to just tie his shoe for pity's sake she is bulldozing thru under my hubby's arm! She is hilarious, and sooooo jealous too lol and when Roger isn't sitting in his spot on the couch....well think u know the rest, but just in case, yes, she occuies it for him!! LOL

Domestic Shorthair

Well, my name is Slick. I live with a silly young dog named Bijou. I really don't care for her...she's wild, loud and protects her food, yet steals mine. Did I mention I don't like her? I love my Mommy, but don't tell her. I like to keep her guessing.
Mommy is trying very hard to get my picture up, but is having trouble. Keep checking back, I bet you'll wanna give me some cuteness points!!! :)