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animal Names: slugger

Slugger is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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" Slugger " just came to live with us the other day. We found him sliming his way across the sidewalk, looking quite lost and forlorn. Being as that our other pet, " Rog " hasn't yet found any friends that seem to stay around long enough to bond with and form any real friendshipships, we took in " slugger " and are hopeing that he and Rog enjoy each others companionship.

Several times we've witnessed them playing what looks like a game we call, " Try To Eat Me ".!. Roger tries to pick up Slugger but before he can swallow him, Slugger always slithers back out from between Rogers teeth and falls to the ground.. After several failed attempts, Roger gets frustrated with this game and often wanders off, dejectedly, out into the neighborhood. This seems to greatly amuse Slugger.

When Roger returns, usually quite bloated and content, Slugger and he seem to value this quiet time and are often seen cuddling and hugging, at least until roger gets antsy and wants to play again. Well, so far, Slugger seems to be sticking it out and is still hanging around. Maybe we finally found a friend for Roger. :-)