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animal Names: smiley

Smiley is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Hi, I'm one of the kittens mom pulled out of a shelter to foster for a rescue on our last day. The shelter had my mom and my sibs plus 3 orphans all of us just infants and another mom and her five infant kittens in another oen and were going to put us all down for lack of space till mom got a rescue to sponser our pull so she could get all of us and foster us. She now has her hands really full with all us little kittens running about sice we got let out of our nursery rooms. Tristan, Adrik, Myst, Daegus, Mayberry, Willow and Knotz have been lots of fun playing with us and Jessamay and Banshee give good baths and Dr. P makes a great bed, hehe. Mom is currently looking for homes for my sibs. mom and the other family, but I'm lucky cause I'm such a clown (I even come with a built in smile) that mom has decided she can't stand to let me go, so I get to stay, yippeee. It also helps that I remind mom of her old cat Sisko :)