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animal Names: smiley+riley

Smiley+riley is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Smiley Riley

Hi, I'm not sure whats going on fer me here. I was livin' in barn wid my mommy and two brothers. I was happy in da beginnin' butz den I getz ta feelin' bad. I didn't want ta play or nothin'. My brothers disappeared and it made dat young lady real sad. I tink my brothers die. Der be this lady comin' to da barn and getting on da big four legged big animals and she was being nice ta me. She play wid me brothers and I and laught alot. Den when I feel bad she hold me and keep me warm when she come. She bring me food dat taste real good butz I start ta feel worse. Den yesterday she bring dis older lady wid her. They looks alike and kinda smell da same. Next ting I know I be wrapped up in a warm blanket and dey taken me in a big machine dat move and make pretty shadows and lights I just stare at dem on da young ladys lap. When dat machine stop we go in a building and another lady take me and she have a nice voice. I so tired I not able to even move. Dey do some stuff and some of it hurt. I try ta meow but I can't make any noise come out. I scared but just to tired to fight.Dey made me bleed a little when dey stick something in my leg and put stuff in me eyes. Den I be back wid the young lady and old lady again and der be talking. Da old lady be holding me close and whispering in my ear. She say it be okay and she gonna stay wid me and keep me safe. Her voice made me feel a little better but I so tired. We get back in dat movin' machine and take me to another building dat smell nice, like dog animals and I smell another cat like me in da air. Dey give me some pink stuff in my mouth and next thing I know I be in a big cave like thing wid food and water and a place ta go pee and poop. Day wrap me up in a real soft things dat feel so good and I so tired I finally close me eyes. I sleep and sleep.When I wakes up I feel better and dat old lady der talkin' to me. She give me more of dat pink stuff. I likes dat she hold me and just rub me all over and she blow her breath gentle into my face. I like her smell.

Hi this is Victoria speaking. I believe my daughter set me up yesterday. She invited me to watch her ride her newly broke horse yesterday. The motive was to get me and the kitten in the same spot. It worked as my daughter knew it would. My daughter has her own barn and is up to 7 cats now with people doing drop offs. She and her husband are maxed out on cats. She knew I wouldn't be able to walk away and she is right about that. I've named this little guy Smiley Riley. Riley fit and he needed something to smile about in his short little life. He went through a complete vetting and was neg for all the really bad stuff. Riley has infection in his eyes and upper respitory infection. He was infested with fles and had a bad case of worms which was probably what killed his brothers. My daughter Dawn was saddened by the death of the two other kittens because they were acting perkier than Riley and just died quickly. She was determined that the last one wasn't going to die also. Today Riley woke with more spunk in him. He slept for about 18 hours straight. He is eating and using the liter box well today. He's gotten 3 doses of antibodics and I believe he has turned the corner. His picture is from the barn and how he looked when I first layed eyes on Riley. I will be posting some new pictures soon showing a healty Riley and think he'll be smiling.