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animal Names: snoop

Snoop is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Snoop? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Miniature Pinscher
German Shepherd

Snoop is an awesome black lab mix with a german shep and pitbull very smart loves to go camping and hunting and he doesnt like to be tied up and he only like to live inside.


Snoop was a birthday gift. Love at first sight. His antics will entertain you for hours. If theres any place or thing thats off limits, it becomes more intriging to snoop. Busy,busy, busy. As you can see I love getting my picture taken. I love making friends to. Sometimes I need a little me time and so I hide from everybody. Like once my mom couldn't find me for hours. She called but I didn't answer. Everybody searched the house jingling bells but I still didn't answer. So my mom took one of those little dinner bells that I love so much and just can't resist and went outside walking up and down the block ringing and calling, Snoop , Snoop. After about an hour she came in and just sat there all sad. Then they searched the house again. After 3 hours I woke up and they heard the bell on my collar ringing, just to find I was in the house all along, neatly tucked away in one of those really tall vases that sat on a stand. Needless to say mom was relieved I was safe and sound. Boy I didn't mean to scare her so. I know she really really loves me. I'm glad I have a loving home where people care. Although she must have looked really silly ringing that bell up and down the street. Well I got Snoop a roomie....her name is Passion...named for a Siamese I had many years ago. We went to the SPCA checking to see if they got any ferrets in and I looked inside a cage and fell madly in love with a beautiful Siamese mix, when we came home I intorduced her to Snoop and they hit it off well, giving eachother the once over then a nose snuggle. Whew! Glad that worked out.....Pics to come soon. When you meet she'll melt your hearts as she does mine.