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animal Names: snow+stalker

Snow+stalker is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Snow+stalker? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Snow Stalker
Domestic Shorthair

HI! I'm Snow Stalker and I love my food, but mommy only gives me a specific amount, which makes me sad, but then she makes up for it by petting me and coddling me. I sleep next to her every night and when she starts stirring I'll climb up on her and nuzzle her face and purr so that she knows it's time to feed me. I love the toy mouse she bought for me and I love all the toys her sisters bought too. >^^< They got me cause daddy wanted a kitty too and they felt that it would be wrong to not try to collect my sister and myself. My sister, though, turned out to be a problem to catch, but I was more than happy to reunited with my brother Skittles (yes, we are really litter mates). He was kind of confused because auntie and uncle's cats are dark colored and so is he and I am the only white cat, but he and Toki love me anyway (Willow doesn't :( Makes me sad) Anyway, I steal Uncle John's (not the daddy of Toki and Willow) chair all the time. Mommy thinks it's funny. ^^