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animal Names: snuffy

Snuffy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi, my name is Snuffy. My mom likes to call me lots of different nicknames, like Snufferoo, Snuff Buckeroo, Little Red, Little Buddy---she really loves me. I'm a Quarterhorse and I am well educated in all those things that are expected of a horse. But since I came to live at my mom's Barn, all I am expected to be is CUTE! So here I am, goofing off with Ali Marie (sigh!) and Don, munching on nice hay, and being cute--retirement is marvelous!


Snuffy was a puppy that was found under a barn on my daughters property. He is the silliest dog. He tries to act big and bad and can actually scare someone who first walks up to our house but a good BOO! will send him running with his tail between his legs. He is really a sweetheart and the biggest wimp.