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animal Names: sockie

Sockie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Sockie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Shorthair

Hi I'm Sockie. I am a bitch but am very loved by most of my family. I'm not a fan of many people just a few select special people. My favorite time of the day is morning when, although I have to sometimes wake up my family, I get my morning snack. I have learned how to trick my family into additional snacks throughout the day which they still have not caught on to.

I'm very good at hising at random animals out the window. You should see them run when I whip out the tude. I sleep most of my day in 2 of my favorite spots. I really enjoy the new padded spot in the office right next the the heating vent. But my favorite spot is on the back of the couch where I can patrol the window even when I'm sleeping. I also love sitting on my sisters and mommys laps :D That's when I get the most attention. They still haven't figured out why I insist on kneeding them to the bone before settling in.

I hold lengthy conversatoins especially with my mommy. She amazes me by how well she can understand my different meows. My people are also amazed at how I'm so smart and can totally understand everything they are saying ;)

For some odd reason my sister calls me other names then Sockie. I haven't quite figured out what fatty cakes, stanky butt, cat, or stanky breathe means but I'm pretty sure they're all compliments because there is no finer lookin cat than me!

I would also like to add in that i do not like those frilly, sparkly, stringy ball things they throw at me. I do not want to touch them and definitally do not want to bite them or roll around and chase them. I have a much higher intelligence level than that. I would much rather go hunting outside and protect the house from intruders.