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animal Names: spicey

Spicey is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi everyone, my name is Spicey and I was rescued from the street by my mommy at
7 weeks old. I am very sweet and love to kiss my mommy's nose and lips, especially after she's eaten something yummy. I love to jump on my new sister Ginger's back and give her a big love bite in her neck. I don't think she likes it too much cause she always yells at me and runs away, but it's just so much fun. I love to play with furry mice that make noise and have feathers. I like to swat them all over the house late at night when everyone else is trying to sleep because that's when I have the most energy. I also like to jump up on everything and see what I can and knock off so I can play with it on the floor. I don't think my mommy likes when I do this because she always says NOoooooo and DOWN when I do this, but then she picks me up and keeps kissing me until I can get away and do it again. I really love to play with anything that is hanging from anywhere, especially strings and towels and the shower curtains. Oh, and how I love to jump into the bath tub after the people get out so I can play in the water. And don't get me started about throwing the sand out of that box in the bathroom, I love digging. Those big plants in the living room have lots of stuff I can dig in too. Then it's time for a nap.