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animal Names: spunky

Spunky is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Brussels Griffon

My name's Spunky. I'm a pretty great dog. I think I'm a cat sometimes, we can be anything we want to be, right? I love love love to go for walks and "bye bye's". When I show my mom my puppy eyes, I always get a treat. My best friend is, Kitty. I love him. When we wake up we play and play and play! I'm not your average 'dog'. I'm very entertaining and my name suits me well. So what do you say, wanna be friends?

Quacker Parrot

I am the cutest, sweetest little bird you can find... I dance, I sing, I say "patoot" when I want to eat potatoes, which is my favorite food and I also imitate other animals, like kitties, doggies, roosters, and sheep... and I also walk like a supermodel...literally! lol. Please give me a high rating so more people will love me. Thank you :-)