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animal Names: squintin

Squintin is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Longhair

We already had 2 cats & a large dog, when one winter night my mom brings home this little malnutrition-ed little ball of fur. She already knew I would be mad about her getting another animal, as it was hard enough for us to take care of the ones we had, so she told me they found him in the snow on the side of the road, because she knew I wouldn't be able to say no to that. I made sure to tell her that he would need shots & need to be fixed eventually. Then that night I took him into my room & fed him all the delicious fat & protein a little kitten could need. I found out later she had gotten him for my sister from one of her friends, but it was to late, I had fallen in love & after that very first night he had become my cat. So, when it came time to get him fixed, guess who's responsibility it became... It took me a long time to get over the fact that my mom had gotten this kitten, knowing he would need to be fixed & then because I fell in love with him, it became my responsibility... I ended up having to borrow the money from my brother to get it done! But he is the love of my life & everything that needs to be done for him I am happy to do!