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animal Names: stevie

Stevie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Stevie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Shar Pei

Stevie is a pure bred Shar Pei. Though it may not seem so because she has none of her wrinkles anymore due to an accident when she was a puppy. A boxer attacked her resulting in a $15,000 face lift. Now she is almost wrinkle-less.


My name is Stevie! I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. Legacy Boxer Rescue saved me from a shelter in October of 2010. I was so lucky that the president herself, Sharon Sleighter, was the one who picked me up from that scary place! Sharon is nice. She sometimes smiles and calls me "the one that got away." My foster parents, James and Stephanie had me for FOUR whole months. They said at first I just did not seem to care about life. They nursed me back to health and brought my boxer spirit back to me! No one asked to adopt me for a long time but I knew there was a reason so I was not too worried. I loved my foster family and I was so happy there. They almost adopted me for their own little girl but when they met Shannon and Diana and Bevo Tilton, they knew I would be spoiled rotten and given all the attention I crave and deserve. Then they could go save more boxers! They call me "the one that got away" too. It is so nice to feel special and loved!

I went to my forever home on 2-16-11. My new fur brother is a boxer too. Bevo will be 9 soon and he was kind of grumpy. He could not get along well with other dogs at the park. I had him in tip top shape in no time though and he saw how fun I was to play with. I make his eyes shine and he plays like a puppy again. I hear my parents say they have never seen him happier in his whole life! We go to the dog park all the time now and Bevo never has problems anymore. My Mom was sad too because she was missing her older cats that had died in the last several years. I was all she needed though! The part of her heart that is reserved for was hurting and I made it ALL better and brought joy back to her too!

I am so grateful to Legacy Boxer Rescue for saving me. And now the best thing of all is I get to "pay it forward." My Mom and Dad have a foster dog of their own now named Miss Demeanor. They call her Miss D. She is scared of other dogs and had no clue how to play with toys or me! I had to smack her in the face a bunch of times with different toys before she FINALLY figured it out and began playing tug of war with me! She has changed so much! We mouth joust all the time now and chase each other and have a blast. She reminded me of myself when I first came out of the shelter. I was scared too! Last week my parents were foster sitting a newly rescued female named Cupcake. Well....she was scared, sick and has a hurt leg. But I let her know I would not hurt her and she realized pretty fast I was her friend. We played for a whole week before she went to her foster home! So now I know the reason I was meant to go live with Shannon and Diana and Bevo. I get to help nurture other scared, abandoned, injured or sick dogs back to health before they go to their OWN forever family! God Bless Legacy Boxer Rescue for all they do!

I hope you like my pictures. I am sending a link to some that sort of tell my story. I am VERY passionate about Legacy Boxer Rescue!!!