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animal Names: stretch

Stretch is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Hiya, I'm Stretch, a.k.a. Stretcho, Detcho, Stretchy. I'm originally from the mean streets of Philadelphia, PA - the home of Tasty Cakes and Yuengling - and was adopted from the Philly pound. I'm the alpha pet of my household, keeping my kitty bro, Squeeze, and my doggy bro, Sully, in line. I've lived in 10 different apartments but always feel right at home provided I can sit on my Daddy's lap and stare at him dreamily.

Not too long ago, my thyroid was acting up. I had to get this special treatment called radioactive iodine therapy. I was radioactive for 5 days and had to stay away from my family, but it was totally worth it as I feel great now. I gained back most of the weight I lost while sick and feel like a new cat! I think I may even have some super powers now, hehe! Check out my cool x-ray pic.