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animal Names: summer+bee

Summer+bee is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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summer bee

I am the wild child of the bunch. I am only happy when I am playing in the ocean or in the yard with my sister Winter Skye. I was born at TLC Kennals in Washington Courthouse Ohio. i am a black newfoundland. i have a very outgoing personality. i am not shy. i know no stangers. my mom sometimes has to remind me that i have to calm down so people can pet me. i love a dog park. i go to a very nice one on hilton head island were i have made lots of friends. i love to swim in the ocean, mom has to tell me i am tired, but i understand. i have lived with my mom and dad all my life. we adopted my twin sister and litter mate when i was 6 months old. her name is winter skye. she had a little bet of a hard way to go when she was a baby, but she is alot better since she has come and lived with us. she is still very shy and scared of alot of things, but i am helping her. my dad will be posting lots of pics of us soon..