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animal Names: sunshine+angel

Sunshine+angel is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Sunshine Angel

I was a little over 4wks old when my Momma and Sissy came to see me and my 2 sisters!!
they saw a ad in the paper called an came to see the 3 of us! I was the one she picked to go home with her, she did not know what to name me at first. She said to Sissy I was a Angel from Sarge, I just tilted my little head and looked at her.. when we got in the car for the drive to my new forever home I started to cry, so Momma started to sing to me, You are my Sunshine my only Sunshine..... I stop crying and went to sleep in her lap!!
That is how my name came to be Sunshine Angel!! (Angel for short)!!!!