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animal Names: suzi+and+ethel

Suzi+and+ethel is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Suzi+and+ethel? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Suzi and Ethel

Hi! My name is Ethel (hooded) and this is my daughter, Suzi (white). My dad brought me home from a pet store for my mom after she lost her other ratty to cancer. One day my mom noticed I was getting a very big belly and brought me to the vet. Before they could develop the xray I had given birth to 14 darlin' ratties! Mom called the pet store but they said they wouldn't take them so she started trying to find them forever homes. The boys had to be separated at a young age so that this couldn't happen to anyone else! As they became of age they started to go to homes, often in pairs of the same sex. As they were growing my mom notices how Suzi's eyes were cloudy and that she didn't like to come out of the cage. She was also a great deal smaller then the rest so mom decided that she could stay with me. We still love to snuggle together and are both night owls. I love to climb out of our cage and sit on the top but Suzi still prefers to stay in the safety of her home. The cats like to come too close sometimes but I won't have any of that! I just throw one of my ratty tantrums and send 'em packin! We both love when mom opens the door to feed us and picks out a special treat for each of us. Peanuts and fruit are our favorites! Like I mentioned before, we like to sleep all day and stay up all night so if we get company who has to sleep in the livingroom there are always comments about how loud we are !