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animal Names: t.c

T.c is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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T.C iused to be a very affectionate and gentle cat, always had to be touching you, sitting on you or next to you...then Jasper came home. He got a little grumpy, didn't want as many cuddles anymore, but got along fairly well with his new Labrador friend. Then Pepper came home, smoochiest loveliest little kitten in the world. T.C was NOT impressed, and is still not impressed a few years later. They don't get along very well, Pepper is always wanting to fight while T.C just wants to be left alone. So T.C turned into a full time outdoor cat and absolute grouch. No longer wanted any cuddles and would growl and spit if anyone picked him up. Lately however, he has been enjoying coming inside and sitting on my $300.00 ottoman and having the occasional cuddle. He had an abscess on his eye recently which the vet gave him antibiotics. At his next check up a week later another vet said it looks like he could have cancer on his nose. :-( He has been sitting at the end of my mums bed on her side lately, which he NEVER does, and we suspect it's because he knows she is very ill. T.C is a good natured cat at heart and a very loved member of my family, even if he is a bit of a grouch these days.