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animal Names: tabu

Tabu is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Tabu? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Longhair

Tabu and her sister Shadow were feral kittens when they came to live with us. Their mother was a feral. She was a wonderful, protective mother and had four other kittens but I was never able to catch them. Tabu and her sister Shadow were very loving kitties from day one. They were about two months old when I caught them. Tabu has become a lap cat who has often slept on me all night. Both Tabu and her sister are very affectionate, gentle kitties. I named Tabu after one of my favorite colognes "Tabu". When she was real young I noticed she had a cute "baby face":so I told her she would always be my baby. I often call her Tabu the Baby. I also often say to her there is Tabuie Hey, (Trah la Tabuie Hey). She has six toes on each of her paws so she is a polydactyl kitty. Tabu and her sister Shadow love to curl up on the afghan I keep on my husband';s wheelchair and sleep for hours. Tabu, Shadow, and Blackberry usually try to sleep close to their humans whenever they can. Breezy, the new kitty, is also starting to warm up to us humans. I have noticed Tabu and Blackberry have been getting a little jealous over this development, whereas Shadow tends to be more bonded to dad. (my hubby). Tabu and her sister have always been close and tend to be the best behaved kitties in the house.