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animal Names: talulla

Talulla is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Talulla? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Japanese Chin

Hi everyone my name is Talulla. My mom and sissy think im pretty weird cuz I do some crazy stuff. First of all dont ever try to fool me cuz Im so smart Ill figure it out. When my mom brings shopping bags in i go through them to see if she bought me anything becasue I love surprises. I especially like tiny little fuzzy squeaky toys and I call them my babies, I have a baby that I take care of when Im in my bedroom and a baby that I take care of in my living room, and I NEVER share my babies with my sissys! I own everything in the house and I let my people share with me. I enjoy hearing my own voice, which doesnt really sound like a normal bark but more like a rooster and coyote only in a girlie voice of course. My human mommy had to teach me how to bark because I never did, maybe that why I sound like that, does that make my mom a rooster? Im two years old and I still act like a baby, I chase my tail and I run back and forth and wrestle and attack my older sisters. My favorite thing is to sleep rite up against my mom under the covers. I cant understand why I dont have my own place setting at the table with people food, after all its my table....isnt it?