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animal Names: tessa+marie

Tessa+marie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Tessa Marie

My name is Tessa and I dont believe that I am a dog. I think I am as human as my mommy! I am very smart and I know how to get what I want. Mom says I am a lot smarter than most dachshunds (even though none of them are dumb. LOL!) and my family says they can see a deep soul in my eyes. Its like there is a human in my body...

I am the alpha female here, the BOSS of all the dogs and really, I am the boss of the humans here too. I am the biggest lover/snuggler. I must be touching somebody in my family at all times!! My family LOVES me very, very much. They say they couldn't live without me.

I LOVE to be deep under the covers in Mom's bed, to chase lizards, squirrels, and cats, to have my belly rubbed constantly, treats treats and more treats, and MOST of all, I like to monopolize the attention around here!

We love getting on here and looking at all the pets. They are all so beautiful. Me and my human kids get up in Mom's lap so we can look at everybody too.