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animal Names: the+human

The+human is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named The+human? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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The Human

I'm a single cat dad of 13 cats(I miss you Spot, Charlie and Yang!). I had to put this up since most ppl assume I'm female since I rescue critters. I love all critters, never had time to properly care for a dog so I did cats. Now I have a dog, Maui, to help protect my cats and they keep her entertained :P

I don't have a lot of time to spend visiting all of my friends here due to having 13 cats and spending tons of time mugging them with attention when I have free time. Extra time here is during Thunderomes of course but that means either Norl, Ying, Sam, Creature or Carmen, or a combination of those are on me while i'm here and it can be unfair to the others. So even then my time is limited. Ah well, my cats don't suffer for lack of attention that way :P

Why do I have so many cats? Rescues mostly. Spot and Creature were born to me by my neighbors cat. I adopted out 3 of the 5 and Spot and Creature stayed. Cuddles was a rescue from a bar parking lot, she was too young to get in at 12 weeks. Priss was a pregnant rescue and she gave me Stripe and Tips. Cotton was rescued by a woman and I adopted her at the vet's office sight unseen because she needed a home. Sam and Norl came up out of the woods, all the females were spayed though so it must have been the food. Zif I rescued from walmart's parking lot, that took an hour to round him up :P Sheba was a pregnant rescue, never had a home, now she does with her 5 kids.

My cats are obnoxiously healthy and happy and doomed to a life of being spoiled rotten.

The method to my madness of naming my cats is by sound, mostly. They like the S and K type sounds and a few oddball names tossed in :P


Spot, Stripe, Sam, Sheba

Creature, Cuddles, Cotton, Charlie, Carmen, Cain

Priss, Tips, Zif, Sith

Norl in a class by himself

Abel named as a pair with Cain because Cain kept attacking Abel, trying to kill him :P

Ying and Yang

Double Herd:
The perfect herd size is 7 or 8 cats. I used to say 2 is the same as 10 until I had 10 and learned it was 7 or 8. So, we have a full double herd here :P