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animal Names: the+pack

The+pack is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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The Pack

Since were all siblings we all thought it would be fun to share a page together!

Us :

Silas : Silas is the lighter grey male of the two dark grey babies. He is lovable and sweet and loves to climb up everything.

NightShade : NightShade is the darker grey female of the two dark grey babies. Nightshade loves to be petted but will fight you tooth and nail when it comes to being picked up. She's shy and perfers to stick with her pack rather then meet new mice.

Lily : Lily is the lighter blonde of the two blonde babies. She is sweet, loves to be held and her favorite food is cheerios. Lily will probably continue the skittles family legacy.

Lilac : Lilac is the darker bloned of the two blonde babies. Lilac doesn't like being picked up or petted but can be very sweet when you have cookie crumbs or bread.

Samson : Samson is the runt of the litter, the orange and dark grey baby and is often called 'Runty' but he doesn't mind. He loves to be picked up and will sleep right in your hands. Samson has been decided to continue the Skittles family legacy when he is an adult.

Kale & Nero : These are the two identical males of the litter. They are white with red eyes and are so close they never leave eachother's side. They don't mind being held but hate their heads being messed with.

Stormy : Stormy is blonde and white with a touch of grey. He is very hyper and loves to run around for hours at a time. He's quite the jumper too. Stormy will probably continue more of the Skittles's family Legacy.