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animal Names: the+terrible+4

The+terrible+4 is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named The+terrible+4? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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The Terrible 4

My dad found a woolly bear caterpillar on the sidewalk, but we believe it was dropped by a bird, as we found out it was dead. RIP little dude.

I found Drift( #1) in our cat room on Sep. 29th 2013, just marching along! The cats didn't notice until I tried to get it in a jar!

His name is Drift the Dinosaur because he has a habit of rearing up on his hind legs and kicking his front legs like 'RAWRRRRRRR.' He makes me think he's a little dinosaur. ^-^ His birthday is the day I found him, he will probably be kept until he becomes a moth as long as he eats and is okay. ^-^

We found #2 on the sidewalk(Don't know the date), just kind of chilling there. ^-^

#3 I also found marching along in the cat room! Silly thing. He has a very bad natural instinct, as well! Woolly Bears are SUPPOSED to curl into a ball when they feel threatened( i.e. I touch them) but not him! He'll just run from you..

#4 We found trying to climb our door the day before we left for a 4 day vacation! Me and my brother felt that he really wanted inside, so inside he came! He likes to stay on your finger, instead of getting off on anything you put in front of him.

Recently #3(I think) became ill, I thought he was dead. His whole front half was terribly swollen, and weird liquid was coming from his mouth. After a while he stopped responding, and went limp. I thought he was dead, but I left him in there for one more day, hoping that he'd be okay. Surprise surprise! I checked on him the next day, he had moved and eaten! And when I picked him up he responded like he should! He's still a tad swollen, but I'm more confident he'll get better now.