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animal Names: tiger+lily

Tiger+lily is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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tiger lily
100 % british shorthair

awww our little cutie

Tiger Lily

Showed up in our front yard on a hot day in August 2009, starving for food and love. Poor little thing was scared and hungry and lost, no tags or collar, thin as a rail. She had been cornered in the rose bed by one of our older cats. I coaxed her out with dry food and water which she promptly devoured two bowls worth of. She had the tiniest little squeaky mew but was so grateful for the delicious food. She rubbed up against me, practically falling over herself, purring and crying. I didn't know what to do with her or if she had a home so I went back in the house and when I opened the door she ran past me inside the house. She then ate two bowls of wet food and fell asleep on my bed, purring away. She was obviously homeless and hadn't been taken care of. We looked all over the neighborhood for lost cat posters but we live on a cul de sac which is a notorious dumping ground for unwanted animals and she was probably left here by people who couldn't afford to care for her anymore. She found a home with us. I named her Tiger Lily because she's a tiger tabby and she was the Lily among the thorns. She is the sweetest little purrball and is so happy to have people to love her and pet her. She's a little skiddish still and her big sister Tinkerbell is a little reluctant to accept this new intruder into the family, but it just feels like we've found the missing piece of our kitty family with her. She and little sister Emily Jane are the best of friends, they're the youngest of our brood and it's great they're both under a year old so they can grow up as litter mates and play together. They like to tag team and destroy things in the house when they romp and chase each other. So far they've broken a vase, two lamps, and a picture frame, and they get away with it because they're so cute.