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animal Names: tigress

Tigress is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello, all....
I'm a rescue kitty from the shelter P.A.L.S. in Hawk Point, MO. I'd been there since I was a very young kitten. My new mommy found me on line after her other female kitty had gone to heaven. Daddy knew mommy was very sad and thought a new little girl would help. Mommy looked on line and found my picture and said she fell in love.

On Labor Day, when I was about 4 months old, she and Daddy came to see if we would get along. I like most everyone, and I just knew she was a cat person. So, she and daddy took me home and put me in a safe room away from those HUGE dogs that live here. Every day mommy would come in and we would play and I finally let her pet me and hold me and she was my human from there on out.

I love sleeping on my mommy's chest/tummy. If there is a blanket, I lay between the legs and snuggle. I'm also her "helper" in the office when she is typing or playing games. My spot is right in front of the keyboard, just so I get in her way and then she has to pay attention. Pretty sneaky, eh?

I'm so luck to be so loved and cherished. The whole family loves me and I've even been on facebook. WOW!