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animal Names: tinker+tink

Tinker+tink is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Tinker Tink
American Longhair

My name is Tinker But mom always called me Tinker Tink. I used to live witha neighbor of mom's but they had 3 kids, another cat, and a dog named Winston. The kids were too noisy and Winston used to chase my tail. That was MY job! Anyway, one day I visited mom's back porch to take a nap. She came outside and petted me and scratched behind my ears, and I fell instantly in love. I visited her every time I got outside and somethimes I refused to go home. Sometimes mom would let me spend the night (with my human's permission of course). Then one day my humans decided to move to another house and asked me if I wanted to live with mom. I said YESSSSS! Mom and I had lots of fun for several years until I got cancer. Mom took good care of me and fed me by hand with a special food from Dr. Betty until I couldn't eat anymore. Then mom and Dr. Betty sent me to rainbow bridge. Mom was lonely so she went on and found Freddie. I watch over both of them and enjoy Freddie's crazy antics. I'm waiting patiently for them to join me so we can walk over rainbow bridge together.