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animal Names: tiny+teddy

Tiny+teddy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Tiny+teddy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Tiny Teddy
Standard Poodle

Teddy was given to me by my husband. I had always wanted a standard poodle. He is a wonderful pet. He is part of our family. He doesn't like for me to leave him. My husband tells me Teddy cries and gets my house shoe and lays by the door until my return. Teddy loves to play catch and fetch. He can play for hours and brings it back every time so there isn't really any exercise for me or my husband. When we go for walks I never have to scold him and he doesn't pull or try to chase other animals. He is quick to learn new things. I am not afraid of being home alone or going out for quick runs to the store at night anymore because I know that his size is mostly enough to scare away potential threats. Most people think of a poodle and think of a wimpy dog. Maybe this is the case, but he is very protective of me and my daughter and "his" car or "his house". Even though he is showing some aggressiveness over "his" territory, he is always willing to make friends with anyone that has been invited into his house and invites them to play. Teddy loves children and other animals. He tolerates my five year old grandson very well, and loves my granddaughter. He always meets them at the door and plays with them until they go home. My mom has three dogs that visit regularly and comes to visit for up to a week at a time and he loves it. He shares his bowls, toys, and his bed willingly. My daughter has asthema and he is the perfect breed for us because he doesn't shed. Teddy has not chewed any furniture and is not distructive. Poor Teddy got car sick in the mountains of Tennessee when we went to tend to my Daddy's grave. Even though he has a fear of getting sick in the car the poor thing still wants to go everywhere with me. We are working on this issue and he is doing much better. I call that unconditional love and loyality, maybe on both parts. I would recommend a standard poodle to anyone who loves big dogs. He has been wonderful and we are looking forward to years of happiness with him. Teddy is the most perfect present in the whole world for me. Thank you Jeff, and thank you God for letting me choose and raise Teddy.