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animal Names: tomas

Tomas is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Tomas passed over the Rainbow bridge a year ago Good Friday. He was 19 and been my tough boy since I found him and his littler mates in a woodpile at my brother-in-law's farm. Mommy cat had been hit on the road and they didn't know she had the kittens. Good thing we were visiting and heard their cries. Tomas was one of five...1 girl and 4 boys....I lost one of the babies (Bear) in the first week. I'm alergic to cats and didn't intend to keep any. I found homes for all but Tomas. I had put his picture up at our vets and we waited. Our son was special needs born with CHARGE. As the days passed he became more attached to Tomas. In fact we all were growing attached to Tomas. The day came when we recieved that phone call. Someone wanted Tomas. With a look at my son's face I sighed and told them Tomas was already home.... It was the best decision I ever made...Pills kept my alergies under control.
Oh how can I decribe our Tomas. He was John Wayne come back as a cat. He was afraird of nothing. He kept everyone in line including 85 lb Gracie and Niki. He could move both dogs off his spot on the couch with just a look. He handed out love if you were deserving of it...and he loved you tenderly. He decided Dad was his man and liked to sleep under a blanket on Dad's lap. He would get up and lick Dad's face and bite gently on his eyebrow to keep him still. As he got older he loved to be tied out on the porch to lay on the hot cement. As tough as Tomas was he was very accepting of his brother Moe Joe and sister Crow when they moved in. He was quite taken with little crow. She being feral, she wacked, hissed and was a general little she devil towards him. Tomas tried every approach. He lay on the floor and pushed himself over to her in a uncharactristic manner for him. After a few attempts he had enough. He pinned her down sat on her, nipping untill she gave up. Crow fell in love....She became his most adoring follower after that. Moe Joe became Tomas's pal. Moe mourned for a long time with us when Tomas passed. Crow always hated Moe and made his life torture whenever she could and Tomas was his protecter... He was so lost without him as we all were.
Tomas didn't like human visiters very much. He liked to challenge them. He would find a way to get eye level and when eye contact was made he would hiss right in their faces. You could make fast friends with him if you just reached out and petted him but if you jerked away Tomas knew he had ya and would never be friends. He never bit or scratched anyone. It was all show...if he could get his paws on paper he would rip pieces off and stare them in the eye than spit the paper out at them. I think Tomas considered that as a extreme insult to the interlopers....We all still miss him and I find myself with tears in my eyes even now. He is buried by the butterfly bush out back. I can still feel his presence in his places around the house. A piece of my heart went with him across the bridge. He's waiting to give it back to me.