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animal Names: tonka+bear

Tonka+bear is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Tonka Bear

Tonka was a rescue that came out of a puppy mill raid outside Chicago. He was trapped in a small pet carrier with 4-5 other puppies who had never seen outside and didnt know how to be a dog. I was lucky enough to be able to adopt him as Id just lost an elderly dog just prior to him pretty well falling into my lap so to speak. He is so energetic and fun and I cant imagine not having his cuddly self around. We found each other at the most perfect time in both our lives and in the end, I feel like he needs me just as much as I need him :) He has come such a long way in this past 7 months and I wouldnt trade him for the world--a world he was so frightened by, but now thinks he owns! Happy Birthday to my bestie, Tonka Bearfluff, on Oct 14th!!