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animal Names: tora

Tora is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Tora? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Labrador Retriever
Domestic Shorthair

My mom and dad fostered me from the humane society. I was about 5 weeks when my mom picked me up. The humane society lady told mom that I came in with my mom and other kittens but they all tested positive for feline aids and I couldn't be with them anymore. I guess I was lucky that I was ok. I was very scared and not used to people and cried all the way home to my mom and dad's house. When mom got me in the bathroom and let me out of the pet carrier I jumped out of her arms to try and get away and landed in the toilet bowl. Mom grabbed me out right away, washed me and dried me and made me a nice bed with a stuffed animal to keep me company. She kept saying how sorry she was that I fell into the toilet bowl and she checked on me all the time to make sure I was ok. I was fine just tired was all. A few days later two more kittens joined me and they were fosters too - I had a great time with them and we played all over the house. We all slept with mom and dad and ate as much as we wanted.
My two foster brothers got adopted by other families but I didn't so mom and dad adopted me.
Now I have the whole house to myself and get to play with all kinds of jingly and fuzzy toys.

*UPDATE: I now have a roommate named Toffee and she is a dog - can you believe my mom and dad ?! What are they thinking - don't they know that I am the only pet they need. I am keeping my distance for now until I know if she is cool or not. We'll see....

What I like:
-attacking my mom and dad's feet when they are wearing socks
-jumping on mom and dad in the morning to wake them up so they will feed me - if that doesn't work I stare at them until they open their eyes or touch their lips with my paw
-chasing my jingly/fuzzy toys
-sitting in my cat tree and watching the birds outside
-chasing any bugs that dare enter the house
-finding a good hiding space to take a nap where no one can find me
-sharpening my claws on my cat tree
-eating, eating and more eating
-my mom and dad's friend's pets who visit
-finding a new roll of paper towel and shredding it to bits

What I don't like:
-people I don't know - I will usually warm up to them eventually but will keep away until then
-the vacuume cleaner - when that thing comes out I run !!
-plastic bags