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animal Names: trip

Trip is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I'm Dash's brother, Trip! I got my name because I am constantly entertaining. Like my sister, I play fetch. For some reason, I'm terrified by the litter-box, so I use the bathtub instead. I can be a lover but I mostly stick to myself or with the other kitties in the house. Mine and Dash's kitty parents are short-haired, so how we became long-haired... No idea, but I look like my dad! :) I was born in our human parents' basement. That's about it. Stay cute!

Labrador Retriever

Trip was an abandoned puppy and found his owner strolling along the neighborhood looking to love someone. He is beyond the sweetest thing ever. He loves to be a lap dog and loves to give you kisses! When you call him, he comes running back to you with extreme excitement and the widest eyes!