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animal Names: trista

Trista is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Trista? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Welcome to my page! I have been here for a while, but, somehow, mommy thinks a hacker, me and my brothers and sisters got deleted and we have to start all over.
I am the purr baby! I love being the youngest.
A friend of mommy’s found me when I was 3 weeks old in her garage. When I was about 5 weeks, she was going to take me to one of those icky pet shops in the mall. She asked my mommy if she wanted me and, woohoo, she said yes.
I have never gotten over being separated from my feline mommy because I still suck on my mommy’s shirts and fingers.
Mommy gets upset with me because I get on her bathroom counter and steal her rubber bands for her hair. What can I say, they are fun to play with.
I love my mommy. I am the only one of us 3 cats that wants to be in her lap EVERY time she sits down. She says I’m a little furnace.

Mommy loves to pray for us and would love to pray for you too. She set up the “Hope” page for prayer requests and praise reports. There are some mighty prayer warriors on this site!