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animal Names: tristan

Tristan is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Tiger Tabby

This is Tristan, he is about to turn 5 in August! Hes quite the exotic looking cat, but he doesnt act like one. He loves to sleep, and you rarely find him running around the house!

Domestic Shorthair

Tristan is my wild child and is the reason I have 7 total cats. It takes both of my young male kittens to wear him out so he'll sleep. He started out as his brother Loki's guardian and chose me as his person. I originally was only going to adopt Loki until it became aparent (by Tristan climbing up the screen on the porch and yowling) how close the brothers were. I fetched Tristan off the screen and placed him beside his brother, sat down and went back to talking to my mom, when all of the sudden I felt a tug on my pants leg. I looked down and there was the six week old baby Tristan trying to climb into my lap. I scooped him up and placed him on my lap and he's been my buddy every since. I had a hard time with him when Loki was put to sleep ( they were inseaperable). He clung to me to the point that I couldn't put him down or move without him. When he wants to be held he imitates a cat yo-yo. If I sit him down he jumps right back into my arms and will continue to do so until I give up and hold him. He likes to ride my shoulders and is the reason for the girls Banshee and Jessamay and the boys Daegus and Adrik being added to the family (well sort of-see Adrik's profile for an explaination.) Even though I had Pepper, Sisko and Mistletoe living with us it wasn't enough for Tristan to deal with not having Loki, so after I bought and moved into my house I adopted Banshee and Jessamay from my mom's feral cat colony. Then when that wasn't enough to stop him from waking me up to play with him, I adopted Daegus and Adrik. Tristan's full of fire and sleeps one to two hours a day and plays the rest.