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animal Names: tru

Tru is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi all. I'm a 5 year old recently gelded thoroughbred. I used to race but now I live at a great barn with a lot of friendly people. I have a confession, Ashleen's not really my mom even though she wishes she could be. She's just a girl who my mom says can ride me whenever she wants. She comes and sees me a lot. She grooms me until I shine, even though I spent a lot of time getting dirty, and gives me treats for being a good boy while she gets me ready. Then she tacks me up and we head up to the ring for a ride. She always gives me a lot of pats during our ride and tells me I'm a good boy. She also tells me I'm lazy. Sometimes I am but I always do my best to do what she asks me to do. I know she really likes that. When we're done I get groomed again and even more treats. I really like Ashleen, she's super nice to me. Maybe she'll come give me treats today :)