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animal Names: tululah

Tululah is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Tullulah aka Lula, or Lu, is big sister to Trinity.

Lu was rescued, along with her littermates when she was a week old and hand-reared by the same lady who cared for Trinity. She was a scrawny little bundle of fluff as a baby, not particularly attractive, but with a real fighting spirit.

She's the more quiet and mature of the two cats, definately the more complex personality. She loves her food, even the occassional treat like olives, cheese or pickles or sweet stuff like biscuits and chocolate mousse.
Lu is very loyal to her Mom and makes a point of greeting her first before acknowledging anyone or anything else. She's also became fiercely protective of her home and keeps all neighborhood cats away with warning hisses or a swat of her paw.
She is a beautiful and proud kitty, adored by her Mom and idolised by her little sister. She now lives a life of total luxury and pampering and her every whim is met with a kiss, a smile and a cuddle. All hail 'Queen Lulubelle'.