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animal Names: twizzle

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Domestic Shorthair

My mother was Daisy Mae, she was rescued from a hotel where they were catching cats to take to the pound. I was born about a year later.. My human mom had a bed fixed for us in the back bedroom. She tells me I was the 4th of a 5 and was her favorite because I reminded her of a cat she had when she was just 13, her name was Patches. I was loved from the git-go and could not have asked for a better home. We moved when I was about 2 but only next door, so I didn't loose any of my playmates. It was another year when we moved again, Still in the same neighborhood, by then lil Lady had come to join our family.
I know you might say I had a restless life, but I was greatly loved and never felt afraid. My human mom loved me and cared for me, and I in turn loved her...we planted flower beds and I helped by scratching the dirt for her, I think I ate a few of the plant leaves too.
Then we moved again, this time we had a long trip...9 hours. I didn't much care to be in a carrier all that time, and neither did Tinker. But our new home gave us new areas to explore and new scenery to see. Before I had been an indoor, outdoor cat, but in my new home I had to stay inside.
One day my human mom came home from work and I could not get up and go to her. So she took me to the emergency pet hospital. They told her that I was very sick, they put me on oxygen and fluids. But it was not to help, for I passed away before they could do test to ascertain what the problem was...My mom was very sad, because you see we were the best of friends and company for each other for over 6 years. I helped her when my human dad died, and now who was going to comfort her after I was gone.
Fortunately she had Tinker and lilLady to help ease her pain some.
She had me cremated so I am still with her.
The picture of three cats are me, my mom-Daisy Mae and my brother OJ. We are all waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for Mom to come join us and our human Dad. We keep an eye on her, because we love her very much...angel cats is what we are