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animal Names: uni

Uni is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Uni? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Uni is a magical pet!


Rambunctious, highly intelligent, saucy, precocious,athletic,prissy, persnickety, loving female tabby, are a few words that describe this little kitty, we call Uni. Still young and feisty, Uni spends at minimum of 1 hour of harassing her older brother cat, Sushi. Uni has impeccable litter box habits, even burying some of her toys in it , for their protection.
As silly and curious as a cat can be, she also has her softer side, laying upon her human. In the afternoon. When she anticipates her lunch, she will wind herself around your legs so affectionately, making chirping and soft mews. A side pastime of hers is to get a bag of the nip and just lounge around with it, rolling in it and especially rubbing her face all over it.

From Uni: "Hello! I am so very happy to be here at "Cute as Hell". I love to chase pom-poms and bird watch. I am third cousin to hamburger cat, but no relation to ceiling cat. I have a crush on box cat. I like to play challenge, if you are up to having some fun. Oh meowww please vote for me "