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animal Names: uzi

Uzi is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Uzi, or Uzikiel as I like to call him, is the cutest pup ever birth'd. His favorite color would be Purple, if he could see color. His hobbies include feet chasin, couch hopin, and bone chewin. He loves having friends and playing with any and all animals! He also, loves cupcakes and he was the tug-of-war champion of Easthern Europe 1972, in his past life.

His favorite places are the dog park, the couch, and the food bowl. He is silly and playfull 24-7, no matter how tired he might be. He is very spoiled by his mother and father because he is an only child, and CUTE AS HELL! But he has been hinting that he would like a little brother or sister to have around. His Favorite breeds to play with are Pugs, Boston Terriers, other Boxers, and many Large breed dogs. He deserves your vote! THX!