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animal Names: wall e

Wall E is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Wall E

Sup ladies. I am a kitty cat named Wall E. I currently live on a farm with my life long friend and companion Benji. I like running around here in the grass. It is different from when I lived in the city. I only got to live with my adoptive family for about two years, there I shared a house with Max (dog), Benji (cat), and three humans permanently and two others who visited often. It was fun while it lasted but me and Benji had to move outside of the city because our mom moved into a no pet zone apartment. I was sad but I was also becoming more independent as a kitty, some of my owners ALWAYS wanted to cuddle but I was pretty sick of that!
Human's note: Wall E has apparently been partying too hard at the farm and is getting the female cats pregnant left and right. So there are a bunch of orange kitties running around... that's hilarious. Wall E loved to snuggle for about a year and I was always playing with him, even though it meant I had little kitty scratches all over my hands.. Then eventually he got a lot stronger and playing was no longer an option if it involved my hands. At one point it looked like I was in a horrible accident because his little scratches became deep violent cuts. :( And then he wouldn't cuddle anymore :(
I am very sad I don't get to see Wall E or Benji anymore. The farm is a two hour drive from here, I don't even have a car. So it all sucks. I live with my dad and step mom ...unfortunately.. and my step mom is a cat hater. It's sooooo LAME. I hope to one day see my kitties again.