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animal Names: whiskey

Whiskey is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I'm a rescue from a high KS and my parents were very surprised when I picked them out of everyone else to take me home. I'm their very first addition to the family and I am excited for a brother or sister. For now I love being the only furrymate in the house. They take good care of me and I no longer have to be afraid of people or dogs now that I get to experience life at the Doggy Park with my mommy. She and I go a lot and even better I get to play at the doggy day care with my mommy on fridays - they have lots of couches I get to nap on when I'm done playing in the field with all my new friends and drying off from playing in the doggy pools. Which I must say is my ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do. Besides getting treats - Of course! Soon Mommy will know what kind of breed I may be...we shall see. :) Until then Have a HAPPY YAPPY DAY EVERYDAY!!!


I'm a bit of a rebel, ya see. I don't like to be held, or snuggled with, or looked at by that stupid dog that lives with me. I growl and scare him away! Oh, and I'll take down a laser pointer like you've never seen! I'm the toughest kitty on the block and I belong in the Jungle.. unless there is rain, of course.

Note from Mom: Don't let him fool you. He waits by the door for me to get home from work, snuggles under the covers, lays on our daughter's bed during bedtime stories, and seeks out his brother for affection. He's very vocal about his love for food (especially chicken and Tuna) and tries to be a little Sous chef.

American Shorthair

His a fun loving cat!!! His very active and just appears out of no where and some time disappears like magic...... He loves going out side and running around with our dog... Boxes are his favorite toy ever along with ice cubes ( you cant get in to the refrigerator en less you get him one).....