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animal Names: wiley

Wiley is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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My name is Wiley. I am the most perfect cream colored tabby that ever lived. I'm smart, but that doesn't keep me from being sweet. I have recently discovered that if I bury my snout in the mud, I can pull out an earthworm. And bring it in and leave it in bed for my owners midnight snack. I was named Wiley because I never sit still. Why would I when there's so much to be done?


Happy & lively for 15 & just learned new trick!!!Wiley

American Shorthair

I was found wandering the tough streets of West Seattle in late 2008 and was brought to the Seattle Animal Shelter much to my chagrin (although they did feed me and give me a a safe place to sleep at night - so can't complain too much). To make the most of it there, I started entertaining folks with my fancy free dance moves, cool swagger, and hawk-like laser pointer hunting skills. One lady who worked there insisted on calling me Lemur because she said my tail looked like a lemur. Another lady called me Elephant. Umm... yeah.

Boy-oh-boy was I excited when this tall brown-haired dude w/ spectacles and his strawberry blonde compandre came sauntering into the joint one day to find a foster cat to take home for awhile. I flirtatiously stuck my left paw out of the cage a few times and wooed them into breaking me out of that place - (the cages were just too much!). They started calling me Wiley (after some coyote dude, I think) and after a month of sharing my warm charm and free entertainment sessions, they just couldn't resist the "Wiley-tito" and decided to adopt me. I'm quite pleased about that.

When I'm not busy charming the ladies, you may spot me chasing a squirrel up a tree, hunting flies, or hiding in cool spots where no one will see me (i.e., wastebaskets, under blankets, the closet - you get my drift; I love to play hide and seek). My buddy Jasper is a cool dude, too. I like to think of myself as his personal trainer. Chop, chop!