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animal Names: windy

Windy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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WINDY!!! The only chihuahua I ever met that is sweet as sugar! She loves EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING! God, I wish I had her attitude! My Mom bought me at a pet store, so I was probably born in a puppy mill! I HATE puppy mills!


Hello all u animals out there!!!
Thank you so much too those who have commented and voted for me.

I am the only girl from a litter of 4.
Guess i'm sort of a TomBoy as they say but i do manage to get my own way when i want too ;-)

Hey....i am a partner mascot on the new site...Animal Newz Beat.

Come check me out and join in the community if you like or just browse all the Newz about the animal kingdom :-)
if you join,you can post all your pics there too!!

Again,thank you very much for taking a "pawz" out of your day and voting for me.
It makes me feel like Royalty!!