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animal Names: winky

Winky is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Winky? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hairless Rat

Winky is my little house elf. I have always wanted a hairless rat but never really found breeders close by and gave up on the idea. However, one day I was walking around the swap meet and found this guy who had a large snake that people could take pictures with. What interested me was a sign saying "rats for sale", but with no cages in sight, I asked about it. Sure enough, there were tins of rats, holding atleast 30 in a tin, and some newborn babies as well, intended to be snake food. It was a sad sight and I really didn't have room for any more rats at the time, but I knew I should save atleast one, and then I saw her. Winky was older than the others, but she was a hairless and I loved her. I took her to the vet and sure enough she had worms that I treated her from and took her home. She loved all of the soft hammocks and space and I even upgraded my cage after that. She is more of a shy rat, but I love her just the same. My aunt also adopted a few more rats from the same guy to save them from being food.

Devon Rex

Winky, the semi nude Wondercat, is also known as Schteiny (as in Winklestein). She loves chasing her sister Sophie around the house and snuggling on Mum's lap. Her favourite things are her heated blanky and her furry mousey.