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animal Names: winston+le+pew

Winston+le+pew is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Winston+le+pew? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Winston Le Pew

I just wanted to be hugged. I've been bounced around from homelessness to foster home and a few people. From what I remember, I was a stray from Lake County Animal Control. Then a non-profit organization, Muttville, rescued me and found a temporary foster home. From there, I was adopted to what I thought would be my permanent people. But my people somehow was not able to care for me anymore and was bounced to my people's friends. Those friends already had another dog and an itty bitty apartment that would have exploded with an additional family member. They then made the decision to list me for adoption on Craigslist, that's where my newest people stepped in.

My people said I have funny looking face, weird polka dot pattern fur coat, Mohawk stripe on my head, soulful/shy eyes and crocked teeth protruding out from my under bite. But besides my funky looks, I had a great personality! Very sweet, non-aggressive, and very playful...playful for a minute and then I get sleepy. Boy, did I sell my new people these skills. She took me home and said I was perfect on top of perfect! I think I found my forever people - no more bouncing :) woof!

*** Welcome home, Winston! ***

Adopted on 09.20.10