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animal Names: woody

Woody is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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woddy a very careing dog and loving dog and we love him lots


Woody Tobias Jr. is our God doggy. I was driving one evening to the mall, when I decided to turn around and go a different way. That's when I saw a car pulling away from the woods and a dog sitting there. I turned around and went back and found him hiding in some weeds. We named him Woody, and he joined our family happily!! After we put out the word about him and nobody claimed him, we adopted him and he's been a blessing ever since. Woody volunteers at nursing homes and also for the Humane Society.

Labrador Retriever

Our boy had a knee replacement before he turned a year old and is unable to sit properly so he has to lean on something or sit sideways. He has found his perfect place on the couch where he can "lean" (see photo)