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animal Names: xsara

Xsara is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Labrador Retriever

Hi, my name is Xsara, I'm named after a type of car here in the UK. My dad did Google my name to see if it ment anything els, but could not find anything up to now. I hate baths, but loves rivers and the sea. Loves balls with a passion, but Loves pigs ears with a bigger passion. I live with a very talented Budgie who can bark, miaw, laugh, quack like a duck and almost say his name. I also live with 2 lively cats, Dixie and Murphy who are driving us up the wall at the moment by running around like a pair of nutters.
Dad says I'm too soft with them, me being a dog and all. , what can you do?
We now have another friend living with us. his name is Frank Bunny, a cute rabbit and he shows the 2 cats who's boss BOL...I like him and most of all he likes me :)
I also love to greet the postie with a Grrrreat bark. Some have got to know me now and are not scared, but I still have the same fun with other door knockers....woof woof.