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animal Names: yodia

Yodia is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Yodia? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hello I'm Yodia!

My Mom Always Called Me The Worlds Most Beautiful Cat and Her Little Angel And She Always Called Me Baby Girl! Well My Story Is Sad and Happy So Listen UP!

I was Born May 14-2002 In The North Mountains

My Mom Was Mandy And My Dad Was Obi-Wan Both Of Them My Mom Had Raised From New Born and Kitten!

My Mom Was Soo Beautiful And My Dad Was Handsome! Some Time When I was A Kitten Just about a year My Mom Had Gotten Hurt By A Mean Kid That Lived A Few Houses away From Ours In Result She Died and I knew That made My Mommy Very Sad But At the Time My Dad Was Her best friend He Went Everywhere with her he followed her a mile up the road to where we got our Mail and he followed her all the way back I always watched him follow her around ever when she was ridding Her BIKE! I don' t Know how he did it those things scare me anything with wheels scares me! but he did He was the most loyal cat I had ever seen and I knew I wanted to be just like him! I was the Last Of the litters that He Or My Mom Had Because After My Mom died My Mommys Grandma Died so they had to leave town, they left me and my dad with Her brother and his girlfriend It was soo scary there that I stayed under the bed the whole time but my dad would explore while they were gone one day he told me about a window that they opened every now and then and that one of these times he would escape to go Find My Mommy and At the time his too , One Day He wanted me to follow him but I didn't think It was safe I saw all the cars outside and was too afraid to follow him and I knew My mommy wouldn't Just leave us like that , and was right a week later she came back but it was too late he was already gone....sometime later he had shown up at our old house and my mommy tried getting him back but some other people said he was theirs and the shelter wouldn't give him back to mommy she was a little sad but it had been 3 years and she had me and knew I would be too mad at him to except him back! after all I was a kitten and he left me behind, But I Never knew they had found him until my mommy told me one day why she was sad...but she then hugged me and felt much better she said my fur always felt like silk soo soft and my purr was like a beautiful song that always helped her fall asleep , Well Our Bond Grew Stronger everyday until one day I found myself following her around just like my dad had at one time, But never when she was on her bike but I did ride in the car to stores with her sometimes but I never dared to get out , As time went on we had to move and she had to go stay far far away at her grandmas with her mom while me and the rest of the gang stayed with her sister and her dad at her other grandparents so they could save up and get a house closer to her dad's work....I missed her everyday and she missed me just as much, But when She came and stayed for a few days to visit I never felt more happy in my life ! but I got mad at her every time she had to leave me again for 3 years this went on, her coming and going , I forgave her every time though because I love her very much!!! Well We Finely Got our family back together and I never left her side again except when she had to go to the store then I would wait outside for her until she got home, and I ALWAYS came when she called me ALWAYS!! and when her sisters Cat/ My Son/Her Cat Jaxson Would Growled at her I would Make sure it wasn't OK because I showed him who was boss every time he said something mean to her and Maxx Too One Time He Had been mad at a new kitten she had brought home and he hissed at her I chased him all over the house , that was the only time I remember her getting mad at me...And I didn't like it...I always slept next to her either right by her of just a few inches away, That's how much I never wanted to leave her....This All Leads up the the hardest day Of Both our lifes When I had to leave her for good It wasn't like some visit where I would be back, and we both knew that she cried all night long and into the morning when I passed and many many months after and It still makes her cry I fought so HARD to stay with her but When It was my last few breaths I Made sure She Knew So That She Could Say Goodbye, And I Knew She Wanted that So Badly......I looked at her and she looked at me with the saddest eyes I ever saw on anyone and Told Me It was OK and that I Could Let Go And That She Would Be OK....So I finely Let Go.... But I will Never Forget How Happy We Both Were From Sleeping next to one another and and walking to the mail Or Just Laying in the grass in the sun it was always together, But I Left Her Maxx and Jaxson And I know They Will Both Take Care Of Her As Best They Can

Forever & Always

Yodia Baby-girl L.