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animal Names: yogi

Yogi is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Yogi is the smartest cutest and most lovable boy ever. He loves to run and play with my kids.


Yogi was taken from an apartment with 15 cats, 5 dogs and a family of 5, he was not taken care of and was very sick. Someone needed to love him and care for him so I Scooped him up and here he is!!!! Yogi is a very "energetic" kitty and he gets into absolutly everything and anything! Although he is a BAD BAD little boy, (aka BADNESS his nickname) he is the sweetest little monkey! Yogi just wants to be loved and hugged and would be completely happy if you did nothing but pet him 24/7. I couldn't have picked a sweeter little man...Oh yeah he loves to torture his brother and two sisters, and boy can he talk ,and talk and talk he never shuts up...