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animal Names: zif

Zif is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Birthday: July 5, 2008

I was coming out of WalMart and saw a kitten trying to eat gum off the parking lot. I went back inside and got a can of food and some kitty treats. I followed Zif around the parking lot for an hour until he came up for the treats. I let him eat the whole bag of treats and picked him up by the scruff and brought him home.

After several trips to the vet, I'm all healthy and legal and finally growing! I'm just about normal size for my age :D My bestest buddy is Cotton and she's teaching me how to be a playful loving kitty and teaching me the ways of nature but mostly we play play chase and play :P

8/7/09 Zif was neutered and didn't care :P

Zif is the hardest cat I've had to tame. He would disown me outside but is getting better, and now he comes up to me, rubs my legs and all normal kitty stuffs! Yay! Inside and out he still sticks his tail between his legs when I first pet him or when one of the older boys is near. He will take time out of his busy nighttime schedule outside to come in and sleep. He knows where home is! Ah well, we have a lifetime to sort it all out :D

6/2/11 Zif has become very friendly, inside and outside, he likes having a home with tons of cats to pester. The only thing left is to get him to be a lap cat. He's thinking about it. I bet by the time he's 4 I have him in my lap and sleeping on the bed again :P

I may be the smallest male here but I defend my territory faster than even Sam! Nobody gets past the Zif! Zif has super soft fur :)

Zif loves living with his herd. He loves to greet the other cats and rub up against them and it's rubbing off on some of the others :P Still working on him being a lap cat :/

After Zif turned 3 last July 5, 2011 he started being more needy to me and is starting to sleep on the bed again, purrs easier and doesn't mind hanging out with me inside or out. I guess he just had extended puberty/teens :P Still working on the lap cat thing though :P