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animal Names: zihna

Zihna is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Zihna? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Siberian Husky

My mom gave me my name because it means "Spin" and she says I am a crazy pup. She got me when I was 9 weeks old and I got to meet my older brother Whisper. He did not like me much at first but after 1 week he finally played with me. I think he loves me now...well most of the time. I can be quite irritating at times because I want to play ALL THE TIME!!!

I have a problem with walking nice on a leash because I am a sled dog and I like to run and pull things. On Halloween morning my mom decided to take me to a walking trail near the woods. I was almost 5 month old then. She thought it was a good place to practice for me to walk nice.

She had stopped for a minute to get something out of her pocket and she took soooo long. I did not want to wait and sit that long. So I got up when she was not looking and started running.

My mom let go of the leash and I ran and ran and ran! I LOVE to run and I am super fast! I heard her calling my name but it was so much fun to run that I did not pay her any attention.

I ran right into the woods and after a few minutes I did not even hear her anymore. Oh I had so much fun chasing squirrels, raccoons and deer that I totally forgot about time.

After 9 days I got really hungry. So I went back to the walking trail because there was a church and the Minister and his family lived there with their two dogs. It was late at night and his dogs started barking when I got there. The Korean man came out and gave me some food and water and called my mom.

She came right away to come and get me and I was soooooo happy to see her and she was soooooo happy to see me too! She was not mad but she said that she was looking everywhere for me and that she cried every day that I was gone. I felt really bad then, but I can understand because sometimes I cry too when she leaves to go shopping. I told her that I will never run away again...well at least I will try not too!

My dad is in Afghanistan right now. He came home on New Years and I met him for the very first time. He had to leave again but he said he will be home for good really soon and then we will play more fetch every day because that is my favorite game. And when I am old enough he will go running with me every morning because he likes to run just like I do.

I love snow! I run in it, eat it, stick my nose in it, or lay in it for hours! SNOW is the best thing on earth. And MUD!! I love MUD TOO!

I also went to puppy training and learned a few things. I can sit, stay, down, touch, wait, paw, drop, leave it, and beg. And I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER KONGS!!!!
Hope to find many many cute friends on here!!!
Husky Hugs XOXOX